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The Origin series from YouTube is excellent. Some clear nods to Aliens, but still its own futuristic, space thrille… https://t.co/I2dVNsy0h0

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LeaseLabs Joins RealPage

It's official. Our LeaseLabs team has joined forces with RealPage. As a leading source of innovation in the Multi-family market, we see a lot of opportunity in combining our marketing strategies with RealPage's robust suite of applications and services. Couldn't be happier to begin this new phase of our growth with an industry leader in software solutions for the multi-family industry.

Here's the official announcement:

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Fortnite: Balancing Revenue with Security

Epic Games recently launched Fortnite on Android. Instead of accepting the 30% Google Play surcharge when selling their game, they decided to distribute the game independently. Sadly, this resulted in a serioouos security flaw which, according to some, would have been detected had the game been delivered via the Google Play store.

What's true...

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