Lodgik Goes WordPress?!

Lodgik Goes WordPress?!

As a developer, I’ve traditionally found that the WordPress platform often provides a refuge for those who aren’t really able to code. Instead, they mash plugins together to create “a website”. Of course, there have been genuine development opportunities on the WordPress platform. However, they’ve often centered around the ability to create custom Themes/Templates and not the usual updates that happen on top of pre-baked templates.

Site builds are often commoditized by “developers” who sell their ability to construct a site at a low cost. Because they’re not actually doing very much to help the customer out long-term.

This approach works quite well most of the time because most clients don’t realize any actual problem for quite a while. But when they do, it’s usually catastrophic.

Due to all of the above issues, I’ve generally avoided WordPress as a platform.

All of the above said, there are real opportunities to take a serious programmatic approach to site construction on the WordPress platform. This leads us to this switch from Ruby on Rails to WordPress for the Lodgik website.

This isn’t meant to be a comparison between the two technology stacks. I’m merely continuing to experiment with platforms and builds. Fast-forward a year from now and Lodgik may be re-built on Python or Golang. For now, we’re going to see what can be done with WordPress in 2019.